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Is it Perfect water?


Worryingly in today's society much of our 'unfiltered' water may contain undesirable elements such insecticides, pesticides and heavy metals such as lead, copper and cadmium

We may have invested in a standard water filter cartridge system which coveniently treats our tap water for everyday drinking

However during the water filtration process used by standard cartridges the vital mineral Magnesium is actually removed from your drinking water
That is until now and the innovative  Mg2+ Perfect Water Cartridge Filter developed by BWT (Best Water Technology)
who are Europes leading Water Technology Company   


So lets explain further and why Magnesium is so important in pregnancy?


Magnesium is part of the mineral family, along with calcium, phosphorous, zinc, chromium and many other trace minerals

These minerals are essential for almost every bodily process

Magnesium has a special partnership role with calcium and together they help form the strong bones, teeth and build healthy tissue in the developing baby

Magnesium works with other trace minerals such as zinc to maintain a healthy immune system and cell production and repair; all of which are vitally important in pregnancy for both mother and baby

Magnesium also helps to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels which can fluctuate more in pregnancy and lead to fatigue and lack of energy

Magnesium is clearly a very important mineral in pregnancy, however with standard water fliter cartridges Magnesium is removed

That is until now and the innovative development of the Best Water Technology Mg2+ cartridge filter


What is the BWT Mg2+ Filter?


Without blinding you with science... in essence the BWT Mg2+ water filter is the first and only water cartridge to filter out undesirable substances such as chlorine and lead whilst exchanging the mineral magnesium back into the water

Other brands of cartridge permanently remove magnesium from the water as part of the filtration

process but with BWT special Mg2+ ion exchange filter the magnesium is exchanged back into the water

Not only is this healthier water it also tastes much better and produces less limescale





   The BWT Mg2+ cartridge filter is the perfect water for both pregnancy & exercise

   For more information or to find your nearest stockist of

   BWT perfect water products go to




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