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how can I maintain my shape after giving birth to baby


What is an abdominal divarication or Diastis Recti and how can I help to correct it?


Let’s answer this question in 2 separate areas

  1. The term divarication or diastis recti refer to the separation of the top central layers of the abdominal muscles. After chid birth the abdominal muscles remain slacker and less taught than normal. With a diastis recti or separation, these muscles remain separated to a degree which is excessive. Generally a separation of more than 2 finger width apart in the rectus abdominus is classed as a Diastis Recti. Ask your midwife or health practioner to check these muscles before commencing the BloomingFit Back In Shape Program.
  2. To correct this separation require specialised and correct exercise technique. Please refer to the BloomingFit ‘Get Back In Shape’ abdominal exercise program for safe, progressive and strengthening exercises to target this area.
  3. Be aware that this area takes time. Don’t be dis-heartened by slow results. Small chunk the abdominal exercises into your daily life and build a strong core foundation.


Is it safe to do sit up’s when I’m pregnant?


In the first trimester (weeks 1-13) continuing to perform sit up’s is completely safe.

However, as your bump grows the layers of abdominal muscles begin to separate from the centre towards each side of your waist, rather like a pair of curtains opening. The hormone relaxin makes these muscles softer and more elastic to accommodate your growing baby.

The movement involved in a sit up puts even more pressure on these vulnerable abdominal muscles to contract, shorten and stain to lift your torso.

This movement will not harm your baby, but may cause you to sustain a muscle injury.

Plus lying flat on your back is not recommended after 20 weeks due to the increased restricted pressure of your baby

Therefore, it is recommended that from approximately 14 weeks that you follow the BloomingFit alternative abdominal strengthening exercises within the program