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About us ........


Our Blooming Fit Passion.....

At BloomingFit we are passionate about the huge benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyle for both mother and baby

plus how it will help future family well being.

By keeping active and fit, by nourishing our bodies with healthy food and by keeping our stress levels balanced; we can provide the best possible environment for our developing baby.

We can provide the best possible nutrients, oxygen supply and healthy functioning body systems

We can provide the best possible start to our childs life and our future family health


Our Frustration.....

We were frustrated by the lack of accesible information specifically for exercise in pregnancy and new mums

We were frustrated by the lack of support and encouragement to motivate mums to be active and fit

We were frustrated by the lack of promotion and general awarenes about the huge benefits to both mother and baby

So we decided to change all that and created BloomingFit!


Our Aim....

Our aim at BloomingFit is to make exercise and healthy lifestyle in pregnancy and motherhood as safe, professional and easily available as possible.

We aim to support, encourage and inspire you to make those exercise and lifestyle choices which will

massively benefit your life, your babys development and your future family health


Alison Merry....

Alison is the founder, Director and inspiration behind BloomingFit and one of the UK leading experts in ante-post natal exercise 

She has brought together her vast experience as a professional midwife and her highly qualified experience as a specialised exercise professional


"I'm a mum of two and understand how tricky it can be to balance children, family, business, weight management as well as exercise into daily life!!

But I am so passionate about exercise and how it enhances us not only physically, but mentally & emotionally too....

Pregnancy is often a time when women 'fear' exercise due to lack of professional and respected information.

But with BloomingFit I want to support and encourage you to stay fit and active throughout your whole pregnancy and be there for you as a new mum too.

BloomingFit is my passion.. it is also my priveledge too"


(Alison holds an Advanced Personal Trainers Diploma in Personal Training & Sports Therapy & Ante Post Natal Certification accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, the Royal College of Midwives and the ACPWH (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists specializing in Women's Health) She is a qualified RGN Nurse & Midwife.

Alison is the former consultant pre and post-natal exercise Tutor for the Uk's leading fitness training company 'Lifetime Training'

Alison has regularly contributed her expert pre & post natal fitness & healthy lifestyle advice in Mother & Baby, Pregnancy & Birth magazine and with Mothercare)


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Mother & Babay Magazine January 2015..... out now

Read about 'How to re-boot your pregnancy' with great advice & tips from

BloomingFit Expert Alison Merry

In this January issue Alison shows you how to re-energise your pregnancy

with brilliant & effective ideas for you 




Our most recent member success stories.... 


Rose (Sept 2015)

"If it wasn't for the information on BloomingFit I would still be in the dark about the gap in my abdominal muscles and the gap would have been getting bigger. At least now I am not making it worse and I know what exercises I can and can't do. So many thanks for your help"


Lorraine (Oct 2014)

"I can't express how much your site has helped me. I am an experienced triathlete and my GP advised me to only 'swim gently' as my main exercise in pregnancy . I was so depressed and frustrated until I logged onto BloomingFit. The detailed and specific advice about exercise is amazing and I'm following your training plan and feel fantastic. Thank you so much"  

Chris (Oct 2013)

"I'm a personal trainer and completed the ante-post natal course with Lifetime and Alison as the lead Tutor. Her knowledge was outstanding and there is simply no-one in the fitness industry with her level of experience and expertise. This web site is a great resource for me to keep learning and updated about ante-post natal exercise. Many thanks Alison you are awesome"  

Helen (Nov 2012)

"Love the video clips showing the 'essential' exercises to do in pregnancy. It makes it so much simpler and you explain it so well.

I look forward to the full DVD soon as I certainly will buy it"

Stepahnie (Jan 2011)

"Great website BloomingFit. At last I feel encouraged to exercise in pregnancy rather than discouraged. Well done!"

Yvette (May 2011)

"I've just completed the pre-post natal course with Lifetime and wanted to say what a wonderful and inspirational Tutor you were.

I've learnt so much from you and once again many thanks for a fantastic course" 


We love to hear from you so please email us your success stories and how BloomingFit has helped you.....