Pregnancy depression on the rise

24th August 2018


A recent report said that today's expectant mothers are far more likely to be depressed than their mothers were during pregnancy.

Research carried out at the University of Bristol suggest that a combination of the strains of work and social media are contributory factors in the rise of depression in pregnancy.

The research study recruited 2,390 pregnant women between 1990 -1992 aged 19-24yrs and quizzed them about their moods and feelings. They then repeated the proceedure between 2012 and 2016 with 180 women in the same age group.

Amongst the first group 17% exhibited symptoms of depression or anxiety, amongst the latter group 25% did.

Dr Rebecca Pearson told The Daily Telegraph that "pregnancy is getting harder". Some of the reasons expressed were financial and that more women are working very close to their due date compounding physical and psychological stresses of pregnancy. Another factor, she said, may be the "compare and compete" culture of social media, which risks giving pregnant women the false impression that their peers are coping better than they are.


Bloomingfit is passsionate about the benefits of exercise for both physical and mental health wellbeing.

Safe and appropriate exercise and activity during pregnancy can without a doubt help relieve stress, anxiety and build confidence. All of which makes for a healthier mum and baby.

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