Anxiety as a new mum

1st June 2017


Anxiety as a new mum


According to NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recent figures show approx 12% of women have anxiety or depression

during their pregnancy. This rises to 20% in the first year following birth. NICE is advising GP's to ask about mums 'emotional' wellbeing

at their 6 week check in order to offer more support to new mums mental health. Great idea in theory but with the average GP appointment time

being limited to only 10 mins its quite a big ask for GP's to complete the full physical and emotional 6 week check.

What has your experience been at your 6 week check? Have you recieved support and advice from your GP's or other health professionals?


We do know that exercise can be a highly effective 'treatment' for anxiety and depression.

Let Bloomingfit help and support you to better wellbeing for both mental and physical health.

Take Care

Alison x   

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