Mums warned to stop eating for two...

21st October 2014


(October 2014) Mums warned to stop eating for two...


In todays Daily Mail it reported:

  • Pregnant women who are overweight should be sent to slimming classes to help tackle the childhood obesity epidemic, politicians say.

  • Doctors should challenge the ‘fallacy’ that eating for two will produce a fit and healthy child.
  • An all-party group of MPs and peers called for GPs and midwives to be trained in ‘body weight levels for pregnant women’.

It said action was needed as soon as a woman becomes pregnant, as children of obese parents are more likely to be overweight themselves, adding: ‘Obesity is a family affair and it starts early.’

The new advice is contained in a report by the all-party Parliamentary group on a fit and healthy childhood, which says Britain faces a ‘child obesity epidemic of intractable nature’.

The report said a Cabinet-level minister should be responsible for tackling the potentially ‘devastating’ problem.

The report also said that breastfeeding should become the ‘desirable norm’ in the UK, pointing out that in Europe, television advertisements about breastfeeding are ‘perfectly acceptable’. It claimed that mothers could be persuaded to avoid fattening formula milk if there were more places to feed children in workplaces, shops and leisure facilities.


The group called on local authorities to provide better outdoor play facilities so children don’t spend all day in front of computers. And it suggested that councils should carry out fitness checks in schools.

Former Play School presenter Baroness Floella Benjamin, who led the all-party Parliamentary group, said: ‘It is now widely acknowledged that the nation is in the grip of a child obesity epidemic. This report will help families and the professionals who support them to turn the tide and establish new and healthy patterns of living for all our children.’

Slimming World spokesman Jenny Caven praised the report, saying: ‘If we don’t take steps now to do something to support families to adopt healthier patterns, our children will die before us.’


Alison Comments:

I totally agree that obesity is a family affair and that it can start literally from pregnancy and its outcome affects the entire family and the familys health in the future. Slimming clubs arent the answer for all pregnant women, but information about balanced diet and exrcise is. That is what Bloomingfit is all about, that is what we stand for..... so please pass on this free resource to as many as possible. One day maybe the government will be reccomending all pregnant women to visit Bloomingfit and not slimming world!!!




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