Exercise makes brainy babies...

14th January 2014


 (January 2014) Exercise makes brainy babies...

Women who exercise during pregnancy have been shown to have babies with more developed brains.

The Daily Telegraph recently reported on research carried out by the university of Montreal in Canada.

Eighteen expectant mothers at the start of their 2nd trimester were randomly divided into seperate groups; the 'exercise group' and the 'sedentary group'.Thos mothers in the exercise group did 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week to the intensity where they were 'slightly out of breath'.


When brain activity was monitered once the babies were 8-10 days old, those babies with mothers in the exercise group had more mature cerebral responses; indicating that their brains had developed more rapidly in utero.

Study leader Proffessor Dave Ellemberg said he hoped the findings would encourage women to adopt healthier habits in pregnancy

"given that the simple act of exercisin could make a difference to their childs future" 


 Alison Comments...

Yet again we have more evidence based research as to how valuable, positive and important healthy exercise habits are in pregnancy. 

So why dont ALL pregnant women exercise?? Probably because they are unsure about what exercise is safe, which is why Bloomingfit is SO important, so please spread the word and help promote healthier exercise for all pregnant mums out there.


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